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Friday, 25 May 2012

Read My Novel, Free: Chapter 19

Still here? Still enjoying this story? I certainly hope so.  A word of warning: this chapter contains explicit sexual activity.

I posted Chapter 1 on 13 January. Following chapters have appeared each Friday. You can find them via the archive; just search for the chapter you want to read. And the whole book will eventually be posted here.

Read, enjoy, invite friends to join us.

Chapter 19

I’d never had sex like it. Netta was something else. I’d fallen in lust with her even before she revealed that wonderful body so spectacularly.
Netta was sex incarnate; carnal, libidinous, licentious and wanton. I never, ever fooled myself that we made love. We had sex. But what sex. The chemistry was explosive. I could perform with her four or five times a day and still want more. And she was adventurous; happy to experiment for my delight as well as her own. In sex, she was totally unselfish and generous. In every other aspect of her life, she was self-centred and uncaring. I knew that but I was still lost to her within hours of meeting and I never could get enough of her. And when I discovered how much the camera loved her form and face, I was lost. Netta became, from the first, my obsession.
A brief conspiratorial look passed between her and Matilda, which sent her mother quickly up the stairs after Faith.
‘It isn’t that I mind being watched, but with an expert like Mum I’d feel I was being awarded points.’ Her laugh was rich and earthy with none of the offence so common in coarse women.
She removed my slippers and socks, her hands gentling my skin as she slid the wool from me. ‘The joke about English men is true, and I don’t think it enhances the pleasure one bit, do you?’
I smiled.
She stood astride me and bent to kiss my mouth. One of my hands found a breast beneath the flare of her dress, the other played across her abdomen and thighs, circling the area exposed rather than concealed by the short blonde hair she’d shaped into a heart. She responded to my touch at once, clearly finding pleasure in it. Her fingers stroked my hair and played about my ears as I discovered the weight of her breasts, the firmness of her proud nipples and, as I entered the small copse, the warm moistness at the edges of her rounded lips. She moved her hips a fraction and I found the place she wanted me to touch with finger tip softness. She freed me from restrictive clothing and, as she sat astride me and enclosed me, she was already coming, her head thrown back, her breath in short ecstatic gasps.
This was no act for my benefit; I could feel the rhythmic contractions wrap around me as I moved slowly within her. My hands moved to her firm round buttocks where I held her close so that our pubic mounds stroked together. She found my mouth with hers and pushed her warm insistent tongue inside until I persuaded mine into her mouth and touched her teeth and cheeks. Still she throbbed and pulsated round me as I slowly moved within her. We moved as one until it was impossible to say where I ended and she began. I felt her come again and this time she gave voice in short sharp moans of pleasure. I let her run the course before I lifted us, still joined, and lay her on the rug beneath me.
I slipped my hands along the full length of her body, shedding the dress with the movement, and she lifted her head to allow me to remove it completely. Resting on my elbows, I cupped each fine breast in turn. My hands moved to her shoulders and I bent and took each nipple in turn between my tongue and teeth, teasing it and gently sucking. My gentle motion in between her thighs had her hips moving to meet me, her legs wrapped around mine to draw me closer to her. I felt her move toward another climax and this time I wanted to go with her. Thrusting hard and fast, I let the passion overtake me now I knew that she would come. I felt that first stirring deep within me and wanted it to build and last. I slowed my movements without pausing. Even through her building climax, she responded to my needs and helped me, moving more gently. As the point of no return approached, I thrust again with passion and abandon and felt her with me. We came together in an ecstasy of motion, sound and touch that left us spent and gasping.
Still coupled, we lay together in the warmth of the dying fire and gently stroked the skin that we could reach without shifting our relaxed bodies.
In the bedroom, she took off the rest of my clothes and urged me to the bed. With her hands and breasts and tongue she aroused me, straddled me again. I tried to clutch her to me and take her high again but this time was for me and she clasped my hands to her breasts with hers as she rose and fell to let my whole length slip inside and to the very lips and back again with each movement. I arched to reach up and go with her but she lifted higher and I let her have her way, let her take me as she would. Her timing was intuitive so that when I felt my climax building, she slowed her movement, holding me on the very brink. Seven times she took to me to the point where I was nearly past control and each time she slowed almost to a halt and let me stay a while longer on that high plateau where everything was sensation. On the final climb, she lowered herself toward me, freed her breasts from my hands and brushed them softly on my chest with each fall and rise of her hips. I felt the build toward release and, as I came, she closed herself around me and with short, swift movements, took me to the mountaintop. I arched and stretched and filled her, felt the moment take her and she came again with me. It seemed forever there was nothing but we two locked in passion, floating high above all, feeling everything and knowing nothing else.
We slept some time after that. I woke to find the bedroom light still blazing, Netta lying on her back beside me with her hands thrown out above her head, her near leg touching mine and her other bent at the knee. A portion of the duvet covered one breast and the half of her that lay beside me. I shifted it to cover her and she stirred and placed my hand on her mound of Venus. My lips kissed all along her arm as I rose above her. I kissed and tongued along her to those firm, protruding buds and took each into my mouth whilst my fingers stroked the warm moist gap between her lips, my other hand caressing her ear. She shifted to give access and I knelt between her thighs. My hands stroked her flanks and body as I kissed my way across her breasts and abdomen and found her entrance with the tip of my tongue. I knew I had the spot as she rose to meet me, spreading to allow more contact with my tongue. I cupped and stroked her breasts and nipples with my hands and fingers, teasing with my thumb and finger, rolling each pink tip and stroking gently upward from base to tip. My tongue tasted her pleasure, moved up and down along the small hard nodule of her, brought her to the first delicious climax. I held her, floating, floating, as waves washed over her and soaked her skin in pleasure. I kept the rhythm soft and gentle, feeling her response as a second sea washed over her, waves moving her rhythmically in an ecstasy I shared. Again, I kept her floating, as the swell became a calm, and slowly moved my tongue to penetrate the warmth and softness of her centre as my hands caressed her body and enclosed her hips in readiness. I rose up from between her thighs and kissed the full length of her body. As my mouth found hers and my tongue pushed between her lips, I entered her and thrust my full length deep within her, lifting her toward me with my hands cupping the round swell of her buttocks. I felt again the closeness as she wrapped herself around me, felt again the building rhythm of her climax. This time was still hers and I held back until she cried in passion and surprised delight, her body arching up, her head thrown back, her mouth wide open for the air. I let her breathe, as I remained a slow and gentle pressure deep within her, barely moving, stroking her hard nodule of delight with the firm base of my member. She began to rise again and this time I went with her. I thrust my full length, almost leaving her each time I plunged and rose, driving hard and fast within her as she gasped and writhed and held my buttocks to prevent me breaking our connection. I felt the moment of release arriving and gave in to the pressure and released myself within her as she came to meet me and we peaked higher than we’d reached before. I heard her voice cry out with mine and knew an ecstasy and pure delight I hadn’t known was possible.
We didn’t part but lay there spent and without want or need until the passion slept and took us with it into dreams that were mere shades of that reality.
Morning found her at the bedroom window, uncovered, gazing at the falling rain, her elbows on the sill, her gorgeous bottom inviting. I slipped from beneath the cover and approached. She didn’t move as I stroked my hands along her sides and cupped her breasts. I felt her thighs part to admit me and I entered her without the need for preparation. She was moist and welcoming and let me take her as she was. I came more quickly than I wished for her sake but she was happy to be there for me.
We stayed that way for long enough for me to recover before I lifted her and took her to the bed again, withdrew from her despite her protests. I turned her so she faced me with her hips arched over the bed edge. We coupled once again and this time she came with me as I held her thighs and thrust within her depths. I kissed her body as she lay before me, stroked her skin and made her come once more before I let her go.
For a while, we lay beside each other, bodies touching, until movement and sound from outside our world told us they were up and it was time for food of an entirely different kind.
She stood. ‘Shower with me?’
We returned to the bedroom hungry for sustenance.
Netta slipped my shirt on. ‘If I come to live with you, Leigh, I want you to understand two things.’
I pulled on a pair of jeans and nodded.
‘First, I decide when I’m going to leave.’
I had my own ideas about that but I was in no mood to argue. I was happy to go along with her for now. ‘Okay.’
‘Second, you never use that crass three word excuse that dreamers always think they have to say. Sex is one thing, love is something else entirely and I’m way from ready for commitment and self sacrifice; it’s pointless anyway, tomorrow we could all be blown away.’
‘Agreed.’ I understood her anxiety about a possible nuclear holocaust but didn’t share her pessimism.
‘Good. Let’s have breakfast. I’m starving.’


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