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Friday, 31 August 2012

Read Breaking Faith, Free: Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Saturday 10th July

‘Christ, I’m sorry, Faith. You’re soaked to the skin!’
‘That’s right, Leigh, to the skin. See, my blouse is transparent? Almost as if I’m naked. You can see my breasts and my nipples. Isn’t that nice?’
I deliberately looked her in the eye, determined to resist the temptation her heavy irony amplified. ‘I know. I should’ve been here and waiting for you, but…
‘Oh, it’s not important. You and Netta had extra time for sex, so it doesn’t matter.’
‘I really am sorry.’
‘No, please don’t upset yourself. If Netta wants sex, well that’s infinitely more important than getting here on time to meet boring Faith from her first ever stay away from home, especially when she was so looking forward to seeing you. I do understand.’
She was angry and hurt and I had no excuse. It irked me that she was right about the reason as well. ‘I said I was sorry.’
‘Oh, well, that’s all right then, if you’re sorry. That’ll dry my clothes and my skin and make up for my embarrassment at walking half naked down the station. That’ll even make up for my disappointment when I was full of the anticipation of seeing you waiting for me. Everything’s fine if you’re sorry.’
I made a determined effort not to look at her lovely breasts pushing against the transparent fabric and looked instead into her eyes that were full of justifiable anger and hurt. ‘Shit! I deserved that.’
‘Of course, if my breasts aren’t worth looking at, I might as well fold my arms over them.’
‘Don’t you dare!’ I looked, long and hard and they were lovely. ‘You’re very beautiful, Faith. You have a lovely body. Let me get you home, dry and warm again and I’ll put the kettle on and make you a nice hot cuppa. So, did you pass?’
She looked at me as though there was another diatribe waiting to explode from her, and then, as if all the rest had been an act, she burst out laughing. ‘I passed, I passed, I passed!’
‘Brilliant! I knew you would, of course. Brilliant! Well done, Faith!’ I pulled over and stopped the car, leant across and kissed her mouth and hugged her as close as the seats allowed. She was wet and chill, the cold rain firming her nipples as if in the height of arousal. I longed to cup those gorgeous breasts but I wasn’t sure she was ready for that. I made do with another look at her, this time at leisure. She made no effort to hide and there was no condemnation in her eyes. ‘You’re a marvel. I’m so pleased and proud of you. Your dad’ll be over the moon.’
‘How is he?’
‘Haven’t you phoned?’
‘Only to let him know I arrived safely. He’s all right, isn’t he?’
‘As well as when you left, yes. God, I’m glad to see you, Faith. Bugger me if I haven’t missed you.’
‘A lovely sentiment oddly expressed. I wouldn’t perform that particular service, even if I were equipped to, but I think I’m flattered.’
‘You’ve learned something.’
She smiled with all the enigmatic force of a sphinx. ‘I suppose I might have, yes.’ But she would say no more; I was being punished for my late arrival.
Netta raised her eyebrows at her exposure but hugged her in spite of the wetness and welcomed her home. ‘Well done, Fay. I knew you’d do it.’
‘How did you know I’d passed?’
‘Failures don’t usually grin so wide that their faces are in danger of falling into two halves.’
‘Come upstairs with me, Netta, I want to ask you a few questions whilst I get dry and changed.’
‘I think Leigh was rather hoping you’d stay down here wet, Faith.’
‘Oh, I think Leigh’s had more reward than he deserves in the circumstances, don’t you?’
I went to fulfil my promise of a cup of tea for Faith as they went upstairs. How alike and how different they were; sisters who might’ve been strangers. I knew a time was approaching when I would have to choose between them, and Netta’s charms and experience no longer made her the obvious choice. There were things in Faith that spoke to me, touched my soul. I found her invading my thoughts with increasing frequency. That she was now as physically appealing as any woman I’d known, made her all the more attractive.
She drove herself to see her dad on Sunday, in my car, of course. It left me free to continue the undivided attention I’d been able to lavish on Netta during her absence and gave me a weekend without the irritation and anxiety of Netta storming off in a huff of pique or jealousy.
The car drew up around teatime and I waited for her to bring me the latest on her dad. As soon as she entered the room, I knew something was wrong. Her hand covered her mouth and her face bore signs of real anxiety. ‘Leigh. I don’t know how to ... I… I’m ever so sorry, but I …’
‘She’s smashed your car up!’ Netta’s conclusion was so triumphant, I thought she must have somehow seen the damage. I wondered what the repairs were going to cost.
‘You’re not hurt…?’
Faith grinned, impishly. ‘I forgot to put any petrol in and the gauge is just above empty. Sorry.’ She stuck out her tongue at Netta and laughed at us.
I had to join her. It was the first time she’d ever played such a trick and it marked another major change in her.
Netta, however, wasn’t amused. ‘Bitch!’
The following day was her eighteenth birthday. I couldn’t accept she was so young. She behaved in so many ways like a mature woman and looked the part, though her tantrums and sulks were much more symptomatic of her real age.
I had the day off for her. Ma, reluctantly, catered for a party. Netta didn’t to want the guests from my party to attend hers.
‘Too many women.’
Matilda brought some of their mutual men friends who seemed uncomfortable in the house until drink settled them.
As was to be expected, the night was Netta’s.
To Netta’s amazement and mine, Faith had bought her the most extraordinary dress whilst she’d been away. The fabric was sheer black gauze that, on its own, would have left nothing to the imagination. A wide gold lame snake looked over one shoulder with red eyes of sparkling sequins, its forked red tongue licking at the nipple beneath. It draped across that sleeveless shoulder around her back and then spiralled her body, crossing her other breast and then her mound of Venus to end in a tail of red and black beads on one leg. The hem echoed the diagonal of the twisting snake so that it hung to her knee where the tail fell but rode just under her hip at the other side. Faith had bought a skimpy gold bra and thong to go underneath as well as a pair of gold stiletto sandals. Netta was entranced by the gift and wore it for the party, with the sandals, but without the underwear. She looked sensational.
Inevitably, she talked the other men and I into a photo session along the lines of that held on my birthday, with similar group photographs but with herself as the only woman, of course, amongst the men.
Before the evening was over, she’d removed her dress publicly, dancing to Dion singing The Wanderer and privately, when she vanished for portions of the night with different young men.
I made up for her temporary desertion by spending a pleasant interlude with Matilda.
Faith remained her usual chaste self during all of this, though her previous moral superiority seemed to have given way to a careful curiosity.
I watched my protégée that night and wondered what she’d learned during her week away. I was convinced she remained virgin, yet the lesson had been sexual; her demeanour was so markedly different regarding sex. It was as if she’d discovered some of its delights without being in any way marked by it.
Faith dressed that night in a white cotton dress, sleeveless, with a wide scoop neck that revealed as much as it concealed of her breasts. Gathered at the waist, the skirt fell in soft rounded pleats to mid thigh. Simple white sandals displayed her small feet and she looked altogether lovely. The men certainly found it impossible to keep their eyes off her even with Netta cavorting naked amongst them.
There was a slightly sour interlude mid evening when one of the young men lit up in the sitting room and refused Faith’s firm but polite request to stub it out or to go outside. Fortunately, I was close at the time and gave him the choice of putting it out or leaving.
When the early hours took me to bed, I found Netta beside me, eager for my body. I let her have her way and she reached a climax so rapidly I knew she’d been primed by another man unable to take her all the way.
‘You’re still the best I’ve ever had, Leigh.’
I kissed her breasts and drew her head toward me so I could reach her lips. She resisted for a moment.
‘That’s why I did it, you know. I wanted to be absolutely certain I hadn’t made a mistake. Tonight told me how right I am to stay with you.’ Satiated and exhausted, she relaxed and slumped exactly where she was.
I gently lifted her away and lay her to sleep. It was a while before I was relaxed enough to join her, but it was her birthday, after all. Her words disturbed me with their promise of a permanence I neither sought nor desired.
As sleep at last crept over me, I was aware of Faith making her way softly up the stairs and I wondered where she’d been and what she’d been doing until now.


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