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Friday, 10 August 2012

Read my Romantic Thriller, Free: Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Sunday 6th June

Netta healed quickly and, ultimately, completely. But she grew more possessive over the days of her recovery and, whilst she tolerated Matilda deputizing in her absence, she made it clear she’d object to any other woman, especially Faith, sharing my bed. But I was eager to have her back, the imposed separation having increased my passion for her. So I was grateful when Matilda offered to drive Faith to David’s on Saturday, allowing me more time with Netta.
‘Be gentle; I’d like a nice slow screw.’ She’d remained upstairs when they left and met me on the landing as I returned to see if she needed anything.
Slowly turning on the spot for me, she displayed the broken skin now healed, leaving bruising in multihued bars and bands across her body. I took her hand and led her to my bed, eased her gently down and began by kissing her from toe to head, back and front.
She forsook her sick bed and returned to my room. Once again, she took to wandering the house wearing a shirt. Over those days, I watched the colours fade, saw the yellows, greens, blues and reds merge and melt into her normal honey colour. She emerged from her beating as physically perfect as if it had never happened and I became again obsessed with her beauty.
I barely noticed Faith, even after I learned the origins and reasons for the picture I’d removed from Merv’s bedroom wall. One part of my mind couldn’t accept that she’d done that for me but the image of Netta kept getting in the way and, though I thanked her, I failed to express the amazement and admiration I actually felt for what she’d done.
I was only vaguely aware of her growing attachment to David. Even Zizi’s birthday would have passed me by had not Faith reminded me in time for me to buy and post her a present. On the day, she was again my diary and I called and made the right sounds, but my heart wasn’t in it and Zizi could tell.
Each weekend, Faith was at her father’s and each time I took her, Netta grew more jealous of my time away, sulking. When the mood took her, she would inexplicably run off into the hills alone for hours, risking her well-being and, perversely, depriving us both of the opportunity for unbridled sex.
By coincidence, a partial, future solution to this problem presented itself when I took Faith one Friday night in mid June and discovered it was Eric’s seventy-ninth birthday. That recalled Faith’s approaching birthday and David and I managed a quiet word about how we might mark it. I was delighted by his generosity and happy to make my contribution.
So it was that the following week saw me walking Faith and Netta to the local pub in the early evening. It was a good walk; two miles or so, over fields high with meadow grass and wild flowers awaiting the first silage cut. I pictured the pair of them, together and singly, as they waltzed through the colours. Netta was wearing the minimal needed for decency; a tight yellow muslin boob tube that shaded with the underlying colour of her nipples and areolae and a sky-blue micro skirt that hugged her lovely bum so closely it was a second skin. Faith was quietly pretty in the cotton print dress I’d bought her in York. She hadn’t worn it off the shoulder since that night and I wished she would.
‘I want you to learn to drive, Faith.’ I’d brought the first drinks to the table outside and was sitting next to Netta, my hand stroking her thigh.
It was what I’d expected. ‘Because I want you to be able to visit David under your own steam and I’d like you to do the local deliveries for me.’
She could accept that. ‘I’ll book some lessons, then.’
‘No need. I’ve already booked you a week at one of those new intensive driving schools. You stay at the school and have lessons and take your test all in the space of a week. It’s hard work but I’ve no doubt you can do it.’
‘I want to learn!’
‘Faith’s my Girl Friday and my printer; I’ve a good business need for her to drive, Netta. How could I justify paying for driving lessons for you to the tax man?’
‘I’m your lover, do it for me as a present.’
‘Maybe. But not just now. One at a time, I think, don’t you?’
‘I’ll be free to bed you every weekend, okay?’ I left it at that and turned to Faith. ‘How’s that sound?’
‘Where do I have to go?’
‘Sorry, there’s nowhere local. It’ll have to be down south. Essex. Place near Colchester.’
‘Is that very far?’
‘Far enough. Train to King’s Cross, underground to Liverpool Street and another train to Colchester. They’ll pick you up and take you to the school; it’s near an old disused airfield, apparently, that they use for the initial lessons. Nice country house and all food provided.’
It was typical of Faith to be concerned about practicalities. ‘Next Sunday. I’ve booked your seat and got your ticket. Hope you don’t mind.’
‘If it’s for the job, I can’t complain. Any case, it’ll be useful being able to drive. I might even save up and buy myself a little car. I fancy one of those Minis; a red one with a white roof.’
‘Excellent. I knew you’d be pleased.’
‘Will I be able to see Dad on the Saturday before I go?’
‘Of course.’
‘What about me?’
‘What about you, Netta?’
‘What am I going to do for company whilst she’s away and you’re out at work?’
‘Not just out at work but in the darkroom as well. Now I don’t have a printer, other than Faith, I have to spend time in there myself. Shame I lost such a good printer in Merv. Such a pity he had to spoil things by making that unprovoked attack on you, Netta, my love.’
I was curious to know whether she would admit her duplicity in the light of what Ma, Old Hodge and Merv himself had told me about the incident.
‘Yeah, shame. Perhaps you ought to take him back so he can actually rape me this time?’
Faith was puzzled by my tone and in sympathy with Netta’s response. I knew I was on a loser and Netta knew I had no proof to support my suspicions. ‘Of course, I don’t want the cretin back, Netta, whatever gave you that idea?’
Faith was relieved but I’d stung Netta and she was determined to have a go even though she knew I suspected her. ‘You seem to doubt his attack was unprovoked, that’s all.’
‘Do I? Sorry, that’s not the impression I’m trying to convey.’
‘What impression are you trying to convey?
‘I should’ve thought that was obvious, my sweet. If I were convinced he’d been led on or tricked into trying it on, I’d be forced to look at the situation anew. Under those circumstances, I’d have to get rid of the real guilty party. But, since we all know exactly what happened, there’s no point in discussing it, is there?’
Netta’s silence and the fleeting fear that crossed her face were enough to convince me she was less than innocent. It was a measure of my obsession for her that I allowed the probable injustice to remain. But I again revised my feelings for her, liking her less than I had and conscious that my fascination with her body was in danger of making a fool of me.
‘Now, Faith, I know you’ll do your best on this driving course, but I want you to know it’s costing me a small fortune, so no messing about, okay?’
‘Since when did Faith mess about?’ Netta was pleased to be off the hook and eager to keep the conversation away from what was a worrying subject for her.
‘You’ll be away from home for a whole week, Faith, amongst strangers who may well try to lead you astray. I just want to make sure you understand it’s important you concentrate on the job in hand.’
‘And you don’t want some good looking driving instructor poking about in there before you’ve had the chance.’ Netta had hit the point.
I had to defend myself, from both of them. ‘Faith knows how I feel about her and she knows I don’t have that sort of design on her.’
‘Why not?’ Faith’s question startled me.
‘In fact, I’ve been meaning to ask you, Leigh, why you didn’t take me back to Longhouse and have sex with me after our trip to York. I was willing enough.’
Netta, surprised at this news, turned away from her sister and waited for my response.
‘You’d had a lot to drink, Faith. Gentlemen don’t take advantage of women who aren’t in control, that’s all.’
‘So it wasn’t because I’m not sexually attractive to you?’
‘Absolutely not. I think you’re a very sexy young woman.’
‘But you’re not going to have sex with me?’
The line of questioning was now agitating Netta and I smiled at both of them in turn, mollifying Netta and attempting to reassure Faith.
‘Faith, I’d love to have you in my bed. But you wouldn’t come unless I swore to be exclusively yours. Something I’m not ready to do. In fact, I doubt you’d entertain the idea unless we were actually married.’
Netta relaxed.
Faith looked at me so directly I was forced to ask. ‘I’m right, aren’t I?’
‘Perhaps. For the moment.’
‘Make that moment last, Sis. I’m not going to share him with you.’
‘I wouldn’t share him, Netta. Leigh’s right about that. If I ever make love with him, it’ll be as his only lover. I’ve no intention of being part of his harem.’
But Faith’s comment hadn’t nettled her; there was no venom in her reply.
‘Anybody ready for another drink?’ Faith released the lace, holding the top of her dress in a soft scoop around her neck, and let it fall round her shoulders before she stood and retied the knot.
I thought how very lovely she looked with her shoulders bare and that confident smile on her pretty face. It struck me it was the first time she’d offered to buy a round of drinks. Faith was growing up before my eyes and becoming more attractive with each new phase of development.
Netta, jealous of my attention, had to make a comment to make her sister feel ill at ease. ‘Letting them swing free at last, Sis? Not worried the men might ogle your nipples anymore, then?’
Faith stood straight and actually thrust her breasts against the fabric, displaying exactly as Netta had accused. ‘Like you’re always saying, Sis. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.’ And she stared across the yard to the open door of the pub.
Not to be outdone by her sister, Netta moved my hand from her thigh and urged my fingers under her brief skirt. ‘I’ll have a Black Velvet, sis. And I know what Leigh wants. But, then, I always know what Leigh wants, don’t I?’
She did. Or, at least, she thought she did. I was no longer sure as I watched Faith move with naturally sensuous grace across to the bar.


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