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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Writing and Running for ME/CFS #15

People running at the 2007 20 kilometer road r...
People running at the 2007 20 kilometer road race through Brussels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The running first:
I was due to do a 15 minute run on Monday, but I was driving my wife and daughter down south so we could all visit the new house we’re due to move into shortly. Kate hadn’t seen the place, and we needed to measure up so we could decide where the furniture should go. An overnight stay in a beautifully-located hotel, and a four hour drive each way rather removed the possibility of the run. No matter, I did manage the 10 minute run on New Year’s Day, in spite of the previous night’s celebrations. And Saturday morning saw me complete the 20 minute run. So, I’m still on plan for the proposed run. And, I’ve now entered the ballot for the half marathon I’m intending to run. Should hear whether I’ve got in by about 14th of the month, so I’ll let you all know about that after that date (by which time we should be in the new home!).

The writing:

Still curating the diary entries. But I’m through 2009 now, so just 3 more years of entries to go before I’ll be able to actually start planning and writing the book. Again, this is more likely to be once the house move has completed. Things are moving on that issue and it’s getting a little more manic here now. As my publisher, Dan Grubb, would say; ‘Onward!’.

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