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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Running and Writing for ME/CFS #18

I’ve spent most of the last few days involved in making the new home a good place to live. This is the beginning of a new life for us, and my wife has had to put up with a lot during the ten years I suffered with ME/CFS. She, of course, makes no demands, has no expectations, and is content to continue to ‘muddle along’ until the new place is as we want it. But I feel she deserves better. And, now I’m fit enough to actually do something to make things better, that’s what I’ve been doing.
But the most important tasks are now complete. It’s been a time of aching muscles brought into normal use after a long period of doing little physical work. But we’ve reached the stage now, where the jobs that need doing can be taken steadily.
So, today, I shall start again on the writing of the book I intend to publish. I should have more positive news on that for the next progress report.

As I’d had to miss several runs on my old training plan, I started a new programme. So far, I’ve done a 10 minute and a 15 minute run, both indoors due to the very cold weather. It’ll be interesting to see how I manage in this new part of the country. Where I lived previously, slopes counted as hills. Here, the hills are real, and steep! Each time I leave home for a run, I will always have to climb to return, so I expect to grow fitter as the weeks progress.
I should learn shortly whether I’ve been accepted for the run I’m aiming to complete. I’ll let you know once I have the news. At that time, I’ll be placing links to a site where those who wish to support the charity (ActionforME) will be able to make donations and sponsor my run.

For now, the sun is shining on a day with frost slowly disappearing, and I await a man who is going to supply and fit a loft ladder. So, time to do some writing, I think.

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