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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Preditors And Editors Website

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The Preditors and Editors website is a huge resource for writers. They list hundreds of contests, magazines, publishers, agents and many other organisations and topics of interest to writers. They have a slightly odd attitude to contest which charge entry fees and whilst I understand some of their reasons, I can’t agree with the idea of ignoring such highly respected competitions as the Bridport Prize. However, they are true to their policy and advertise contests without entry fees and give details of others they do not recommend for reasons they state on the site. They are equally honest and open about the other markets they display on the site. So, if you’re considering sending a piece of work anywhere at all, and you are unsure of the pedigree of the destination, I’d suggest you visit this site first and get the latest low-down. It might well save you wasted time and money. And, on a positive note, it might introduce you to a lucrative contest you didn’t even know existed.

 Word of the Day: genre; in the literary world, this is the sometimes derogatory term used to describe fiction that can be pigeon-holed into a slot bearing a label. It actually means a style, type or kind of novel, story etc.  ‘I have written in the genre of romance, under the sub-genre of romantic thriller, and am currently writing in the adult fantasy genre.’
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