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Friday, 16 July 2010

Review of Book Reporter website

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Book Reporter is a website aimed at readers. There are reviews of books in great quantity, all seemingly well-written, miscellaneous features to do with books, author profiles in the hundreds and a contest where subscribers can win prizes, mostly of books of course. There ia a weekly newsletter and the site invites book reviews from subscribers, rewarding the best with a monthly prize package of current books. The ‘Today’s Quote’ feature provides thought-provoking quotes from the erudite for our entertainment and enlightenment. There’s a constantly updated column dealing with books that have been or will be made into film. The Book Clubs link takes you to reading groups with yet more information, contests and links of interest. Under the ‘Awards’ heading you’ll discover which books and authors have won awards. And ‘Word of Mouth’ encourages subscribers to recommend books to other site users, again rewarding the best with more books. There is so much more on this site that I can only recommend all readers to have a look for themselves. It’s a veritable treasure trove.

Word of the Day; object – any thing, an obstruction, the purpose of an action. ‘The seduction of the unattainable princess was the sole object of his heroic actions.’
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