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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Review of website, Duotrope.

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Duotrope is a wonderful site that lists 2950 fiction and poetry markets. The listings are updated very regularly and they include such vital information as whether or not any given magazine, anthology etc, is open to submissions at the time of your search. You can search by word count, genre, sub-genre, payscale, theme and a number of other factors. The site allows you to build your own set of favourite markets and those you wish to ignore. It offers a sophisticated, yet easy to use, submission tracker. And all this is free. There are two dedicated weekly newsletters available, one for poetry and another for fiction. They publish the names of successful submitters in these as well.
There’s a deadlines calendar, giving the dates of upcoming anthology and other deadlines, to keep you on track.
And in their ‘Curious?’ feature, you’ll find details of such things as the top 25 responding markets, the slowest, those most likely to accept and those more likely to reject.
That all this comes absolutely free (though, they do quietly ask for donations from time to time) is amazing. I have used the site for years and continue to do so. It’s a great resource with links to all the magazines and publishers it features. Really worth having a look at this one.

Word of the Day; malapropism – the silly misuse of words; using one word in place of  another that sounds similar but has an entirely different meaning. ‘Like, if you grab hold of a broken plug you’ll suffer from elocution but if you mend it with erudite you’ll be safe, see?’

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