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Friday, 13 August 2010

Delaying tactics

Many works are unclear as to the belief of the...Image via WikipediaI'll be posting another interview later on. For the moment, I'm busy actually writing, having just sent off the first chapters of my fantasy trilogy - A Seared Sky: Joinings. Book 2 is under way and I need to get more of that down on paper (or screen, anyway). I'm also re-reading my first novel, Breaking Faith, to iron out any typos and  oddities in the text before I convert it for ebook publication on Smashwords. Mind, you, the paperback version appears to be doing well again after a lull. And I must update my website some time today as well.
So, on with the work and I'll post the new interview later. If any of you published writers out there are interested in partaking of this opportunity, please contact me, using the 'Contact Me' link above. I like to make things simple.
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