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Friday, 6 August 2010

Essential Writers Website Reviewed

Essential Writers, a website run by Judy Darley, has a professional but welcoming feel about it. It carries a startling amount and variety of information, advice and related experience, all relevant to those writers who are serious about their craft.
The ‘News’ heading lists stories that are topical at the time of posting and these are kept current, maintaining a steady stream of interesting and pertinent topics.
Under ‘Jobs Etc’, you’ll find actual employment opportunities interspersed with current requirements from publishers of all types. As I write this, the first 3 items on this page are a job for a Deputy Editor to work on a magazine in Abu Dhabi, and invitation to submit monologues to an online literary journal and a job offer for a sub-editor for in-flight publications. There is a lot more on this page, so if you’re looking for employment or a place to send your latest creation, I suggest you visit this one frequently.
The ‘Resources’ Tab opens a drop-down menu listing Books, Courses, Films, Magazines, Websites, Publishers and Literary Agents. Under each heading, you’ll find expert opinion, insider tips and advice, reviews and details. There is so much under this main heading that I don’t have the space to give full details. I can only urge you to visit and have a look for yourself at this treasure trove of essential information.
The ‘Essential Words’ tab opens to display the words of published professionals from the writing world, relaying experiences and providing advice for all who want to succeed in their writing. An excellent resource.
Under ‘Genres’ you’ll find a series of 20 separate in depth articles by well known writers on many different genres.
‘How to...’ leads to 21 different topics dealing with subjects as diverse as how to Benefit from Rejection, through how to Manage Your Time to Writing for Online Magazines. Full of nuts and bolts advice and information.
The ‘Competitions’ tab reveals details of many writing contests, giving insight and background instead of the usual bare facts. This just might give you a head start in that competition you want to enter.
‘Forums’ will take you to a long list of forums, both current and historic. Many topics are discussed here and involvement is invited.
‘Blogs’ are posted by members, so they vary in frequency, topic and length. This is a page you might visit for inspiration, news or simply entertainment.
The final tab is ‘Welcome’, which is the page that will open if you click on the title to this blog. It outlines the purpose of the site and explains how to become involved. It also has links to the relevant Twitter location

This is a really well-thought out and produced site, covering a multitude of topics and providing a great deal of information, advice and news for writers who are serious about their craft. It’s one of my favourites and I happily recommend it.

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