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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tell Me What YOU Want From This Blog

Many blogs act simply as marketing platforms for their authors. Whilst I accept this is a legitimate use of the medium, and I have done a small amount of marketing on this blog, I want to make this particular blog more of a service to my readers.
First surviving draft of Ode on a Grecian Urn.Image via WikipediaSo, I’d like to know what YOU would like to see and read here. There are more interviews with published authors in the pipeline and I will post these at regular intervals, as I have with those already posted. I have also occasionally shared my views on websites and other blogs aimed at readers and writers. There have been some book reviews and one or two odd pieces that defy classification. I’ve even placed one of my short stories on here.
What I’d like is for as many of my readers as possible to take the trouble to place a comment and let me know what YOU want.
So, go to it. Fire me up with ideas, challenge me, be suggestive, be rude, be demanding, be inspiring, be selective. Tell me what you’d really like to see on this blog that aims to entertain, educate, stimulate and interest all those who care about books. Please.

Word of the Day is divorced from the post that precedes it and produced in response to a request from a follower to provide just such a service.
Word of the Day; ode – a poem, usually rhymed, formed as an address. ‘Having discovered and read Ode on a Grecian Urn by Keats, Claude tried to write an Ode on a Tea Urn, but, somehow, it lacked the gravitas and inspiration of the original.’

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