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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Author Interviews, Revisited.

I have been running the author interviews on here now for long enough to review the process. So far, more than 20 published writers have shared their ideas, inspirations, methods and thoughts with us. There are another 8 lined up so far, with promises of more in the pipeline. What has come across from those so far posted has been the incredible mix of opinion on topics that beginners might have expected to be uniform. The attitudes to grammar are really varied, as are those regarding editing of finished work. Other aspects, the presentation of the MS, for example, have been very uniform with everyone emphasising the importance of a clean, complete and well-presented package to send to agents/publishers. There is no surprise in this. It is doubtful that a writer would get past stage one of the competitive process if they presented a MS that was less than perfect. Unpublished writers take note.
I have enjoyed this exercise, in spite of the extra work involved for yours truly. Through it I have ‘met’ a large number of good writers who have been willing and eager to share their methods with a wider audience. Without exception, they have been generous of spirit, eager to participate and willing to spread their know-how in order to help others along this rocky path we all tread toward publication. Some; those with minimal technological skill, have needed a little help along the way but others have presented work I can transfer straight to my blog without correction or intervention.
Authors from many different lands have been involved and this makes the whole process even more interesting. The internet, the world wide web, open up opportunities for interaction on an international scale and demonstrate that people are more similar than they are different.
If you’re a published writer reading this (published is anything that has reached the public in any form, by the way) and you’d like to get involved, please contact me. There’s a handy little link at the top of the page. It’s up there under the ‘Home’ tab, just below the Welcome and in a fetching pale purple and invites you to ‘Contact Me’.
To the rest of you, let’s have your comments and, if you’ve found this a useful contribution to your attempts to get your work out there to your adoring public, please follow the blog.
Another interview tomorrow.

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