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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

You Gotta Read Reviews

You Gotta Read Reviews is a blog running a monthly contest on the popularity of books based on their covers and the short blurb accompanying them. Out of interest, I’ve entered the contest this month. Voting begins today. You might like to vote for my book, Breaking Faith. Alternatively, you might find one of the other entries attractive or may even want to enter your own. If you decide to do that, let me know, via the comments space, and we might all vote for each other or even have our own internal little contest to see who does best!
This is really just a bit of fun and an interesting way of marketing and exposing books to the reading public. Anything that encourages people to read finds favour with me.
So, have a look. My book is entry number 30 and I expect you all to vote me to top place. Otherwise... well the boys know what to do and they know where you are. 

Another author interview tomorrow – this one with Danielle Thorn.
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