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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

An Open Invitation to Readers to Express Their Views

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I’m thinking of introducing some topics of controversy on this blog, as an occasional feature. My intention here is to stimulate discussion. Naturally, as the site owner, I will be deciding what topics we discuss. BUT I would greatly appreciate your input as readers. So, if you have a particular subject you would like to have discussed in depth, or superficially, or if you simply want the chance to say a few words on something that you care about, please let me know. Simply make a comment at the foot of this post and I will try to find a way to start a discussion on the topic.
So, it’s up to you.
My first such post was going to be about the existence, or otherwise, of God. So, nothing serious or heavy here (for those who don’t get irony, this is an ironic statement). However, events have made me change my mind. Watch for the post in a few days time.
The rules for participation?
Only one, really: no gratuitous insults or offensive comments, please.

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