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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Review of Wringland by Sally Spedding.

Wringland is published by Pan Books.
673 pps. 77 chaps. 200,000 words
Powerful, disturbing, intense and engaging, the narrative moves this story at a pace that never falters. Finely drawn characters move, repel, haunt and enmesh the reader in this tale of a young woman and her man as they struggle to understand and attempt to defeat the potent forces stacked against them. Quinn, the sinister but complex tool of evil, controlled by the spirit of the vengeful Martha, embodies a type of wickedness that can reside only in the being of an uncertain man of the cloth. Abbie, essentially open but naïve, provides a wonderful example of the honest thinker caught up in the material world of corrupt sales: a heroine who grows through the experiences she faces.
Sally Spedding’s sense of place is superb and captures the dreary, claustrophobic atmosphere of the Fens with such accuracy that the reader can smell the tide-washed mud, feel the weight of sky and hear the ever-present motion of the water.
This thriller tackles the world of ghosts and the spiritual supernatural with confidence enough to draw in the disbeliever. The very humanity of the characters compels the reader to follow them through their trials to the conclusion. Un-put-downable.  

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