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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Review of The Potter's House by Rosie Thomas

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In The Potter's House, Rosie Thomas has constructed a story that demonstrates the complexities of the human spirit. The relationships between the various and disparate characters are drawn so convincingly that the reader is quickly drawn into the novel, wanting to know more about these complicated people. Her skill in creating such believable characters is matched by her ability to tell a fascinating tale in which all human emotions are explored. And her use of language is both subtle and startling, bringing events to life so that the reader feels present and involved.
I don't generally summarise a novel when reviewing; my interest lies in the way a book is written and the mastery or otherwise of the language used by the author. In The Potter's House, the author proves her skill in all areas of writing and shows her readers how her characters feel, see and live. There is excitement, pathos, laughter, love, sadness and more in this fascinating story. I was unable to finish it at one sitting for purely practical reasons; but had I had the opportunity, I would have read it from cover to cover without pause, so engrossing was the interplay between the people of her imagination.
The air of mystery surrounding Cary/Kitty is intriguing, allowing her slightly fey nature to surface in a way that is entirely believable. The strength of Olivia is cleverly contrasted with her doubts and fears as the other woman intrudes into her world and turns it upside down. The Greek islands are my favourite holiday destination and here the lives of the ordinary islanders are brought to life both convincingly and in affectionate detail.
If you like your fiction to deal with real people facing real situations, affectionately but truthfully depicted, then this is a book you will enjoy. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

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