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Monday, 20 December 2010

Time to write

World map of time zones as of March 2010, on t...Image via WikipediaFor the past few months, I have been busy blogging, on a daily basis. This has slowly eroded my time available for writing. Also, changing the current post so often leaves little time for followers or casual visitors to respond. So, starting this week, I intend to make a scheduled post just once a week. I've chosen to make the changes on Thursdays at 16.00 GMT, simply because that best suits my work patterns.
From time to time, I'll insert an odd post, when something strikes me as interesting to my readers. And I might also start posting a work in progress piece, to keep readers informed of my current writing projects.
So, the current series of posts on aspects of writing and reading, which started with the question about character development, will now run as a weekly, rather than a daily event.
I look forward, as ever, to input from everybody who has an interest in reading and writing, and I welcome all comments. You can comment as a casual visitor or, more easily, as a follower of the blog. But you are all welcome here.

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