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Friday, 25 February 2011

Edit Temporarily Suspended.

Mobile phone evolutionImage via WikipediaToday, I haven't even looked at the fantasy. Writers have to live as well, you know. So, today, I've had my hair cut, which has stopped me turning into a living copy of the missing link (well, almost, anyway). Also, my mobile phone decided to have a fit (it was free with something I bought a couple of years ago, so no real loss) but I had to buy a new one. And then, having discussed the issue for the past half century, my wife and I decided it was probably time we had a new bed. Of course, no hope of such a purchase in this small market town, so we had to travel. In 2 weeks, with luck, we'll start spending nights in the blissful comfort of memory foam. Whatever happened to brass bedsteads and straw filled mattresses, that's what I want to know.
Also, as those of you who have been paying attention will recall, I have reached the conclusion of book 1 and need to write an entire new chapter to bring book 2 to those who might try to read it before reading book 1 (there are such folk about, you know).
And, on top of all this, I'm pooped, weary, tired, exhausted and knackered. So, I'm going to retire to the sitting room, pour a glass or two of the vintage claret my writing group bought me for editing the anthology,  and watch QI, Mastermind and whatever other fare the TV producers care to toss in my direction. So, I'll bid you all a good night.
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