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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Editing Now Half Done

Half way through - next chapter will be 37 and page 350. Still going well, and have had to add only a couple of sentences. Found a couple of stray pronouns, left from an earlier edit, and one place where I'd clearly merged a couple of sentences but left an adjective in so the resulting sentence made no sense at all. It all stands out so much more clearly when you read it aloud.
I've also prepared the next author interview for the blog. Watch out for an interesting and informative discussion with Jean Fullerton, a writer of historical romance whose latest book, Perhaps Tomorrow, has just been released. That interview will appear on Thursday and it's well worth reading.
The rest of the day has been spent in some domestic tasks, a short walk with my wife, a bit of reading and feeding my face (well, a writer has to eat as well, you know.) And, once I've published this post, that's me for the night. I'm off to watch Faulks on Fiction on the idiot's lantern - so far it's been an interesting series.
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