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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

One More Chapter Done in the Edit.

La Trénis 1805Image via WikipediaYesterday was a long day at the day job, followed by ballroom dance class with my wife, which is always great fun. So, I did no editing. This afternoon, I returned from work to find 91 emails awaiting responses. Those have all been answered and I've done another chapter, but only one this time. Tomorrow is another day dedicated to the day job, followed by an evening with my writing group, so I shall get no more done now until Thursday. How wonderful it would be to spend all my working time on the writing, but, in common with the vast majority of writers, I have to do other work (albeit part time) to support my family.
The edit continues to go well and I'm approaching the point where I shall have to decide whether I can break the first volume and make it shorter. I'm hoping that will be possible, as it will make the package more attractive the conservative book-buying agents and publishers (I note that readers are generally far more adventurous and often welcome longer books, but they, unfortunately, don't govern whether or not a book is published, more's the pity!)
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