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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wizard's Wife by Toni V Sweeney

So, Toni, how did Wizard's Wife come into being?

The Harmonic Covergence occurred on August 16-24, 1987, and some of you may remember hearing about it on the Evening News on TV.  It was an astronomical event:  a time when our planets aligned themselves with the sun.  This isn’t an unusual thing; there have been more harmonic convergences than you can shake a stick at. What was different about this one is that it involved all the planets, not just two or five or even seven.  As usual, the doomsayers came out to make their dread pronouncements of what was to follow.  When nothing happened, they faded back into the woodwork and the world went on, waiting for newer dire predictions to raise their chaotic heads.

Perhaps I should say nothing obvious happened.  After the brouhaha died down, I found myself asking:  What if something did happen but we just don’t know about it?  Because it didn’t happen here on Earth?

So…in my little scenario, something did happen…in another dimension far, far away, a magical realm called Ais Linn, and thus the story of Wizard’s Wife was born.

Cross the Portal into Ais Linn, where Unicorns roam and werewolves prowl, where a faery wizard struggles to protect the Earth from the Lord of Dark Fire…where a skeptical but brave young woman follows her husband into danger, into a dimension where she’s the only mortal in a land of magical beings…

Where she’s the Wizard’s Wife.

Wizard’s Wife was released by Class Act Books in late January, 2011.

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