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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Edit of Volume Two Begins

With the completion of the handwritten edit of volume one, I was able to start the typed corrections today, and I've done chapter one, so far.
On volume two, I've modified the old chapter 54 of what was originally a continuation of volume one, to make it into chapter one of the second volume. Lost yet? It needed a lot of insertions to allow virgin readers to be able to pick up the story without having read the first book. But, to my surprise, it didn't need a full rewrite. So, I'm ready to continue with the full edit of the chapters for book 2 that have already been written. once that's done, I'll have to start writing (as in creating) the follow on chapters to complete book 2. But I'll keep up this daily post to let you know how it's going and as a motivation tool for myself when feeling tired.
Actually, I'm unlikely to do more editing tomorrow, or indeed the post, as I have to be at work until late and then I'll be out with my darling, tripping the light fantastic and generally making a fool of myself,but laughing a lot and enjoying the activity. Dance is remarkably spiritually refreshing. You should try it.
The opening waltz always renews my spirit, no matter what sort of day I've had at the boring place I work to earn a crust.
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