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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Editing Slowly Progressing

The Kingston Communication Stadium, in Kingsto...Image via WikipediaEvents, happenings, and the sheer fact of life, seem to be combining to slow down this process I am in such a hurry to complete.
As I read aloud to perform the edit, and we live in a bungalow, I don't feel it's fair for me to do so whilst others are asleep. Daughter was up late, partying last night, and we were therefore also late in bed. So I had to wait until both were awake before I could begin. As it happens, I decided to work on a short story and did 2,000 words of that before there were stirrings from the bedrooms. After breakfast, it became clear we must recycle some of the stuff that was starting to take over the garage, so the cardboard and glass was disposed of at the local facility. Then, Sunday is our usual time for a walk in the country, so a 3 mile brisk excursion took us up to lunch. After the food, I managed another chapter, replied to several emails, finished reading my writing magazines (including The Author, which I received on Saturday, along with my membership of the Society of Authors).
Valerie reminded me we'd decided we would go to see The King's Speech this weekend and we had to travel to the nearby city of Hull to do that (25 miles away). A worthwhile trip to see a very good film: I can see why it won the awards it was given.
Now it's a little late to do any more, so, with chapter 49, page 468, awaiting, I shall call it a day. Tomorrow night is dancing, of course, so it'll be Tuesday before I get more done.
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