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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Editing Still

Clouds 1 bg 082403Image via WikipediaA further chapter for book 2 edited and ready for correction, and 5 more chapters from book 1 corrected and saved in readiness for the day I approach an agent /publisher.
Another full day, with an early morning rise after Kate returned from her seaside trip for sunrise pix unfulfilled due to cloud cover. At least she has a location for the next attempt. Valerie and I took a different walk and saw more of the local countryside; unfortunately the light wasn't good enough to produce any worthwhile photos.
Sunday dinner was my duty today, as Kate is studying and Valerie is desperately trying to compile her table of fixtures for the bowls league. The chicken was good, served with the trimmings and a glass of vino to help with the preparation.
Now it's time for relaxation in readiness for tomorrow at work. Roll on retirement and a time I can spend more hours actually writing.
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