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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Edit; Now complete. So Begins the Writing.

Well, that's the editing complete for those chapters I had already written. So, Book 1 is complete and ready to send off (though, I'm waiting until I have book 2 ready as well, as there has been some suspicion of fantasy series recently, where authors have started but never finished a series). Today, along with a number other bits and pieces - helping Kate apply for university funding, dealing with the tax man, organising a plumber  for the faulty shower (yet to be properly fixed), returning a new music centre because it doesn't work, and taking a walk with my wife - I've sorted a few more bits for the blog and written about 3,000 words of the novel.
Now I'm going to rest and relax.

Today's picture is of Spinalonga, Crete. The island was used as a leper colony until the 1950s and features in an excellent book, The Island, by Victoria Hislop.

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