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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Writing: 1200 New Words & a Near Disaster!

Up bright and early this morning, knowing I had a busy day ahead, and wrote 1200 words to complete Ch23. When I finish one chapter, I tend to save it, reload it and then amend the page numbers, change the chapter number and delete all the text and save as a new chapter. I did this this morning but forgot to 'save as', thus overwriting the completed chapter of 4034 words with blank pages. Panic set in. But only for as long as it took me to realise that I could use Word's brilliant 'undo' feature to reclaim the piece. It worked. Breathing again. But I shall keep my mind on the task in hand next time.
After breakfast, Valerie and I visited a DIY shop some 14 miles away to buy paint for the new fence and for the new gate that has lain unused in the garage for about 18 months. Made out purchases and returned in time for lunch. Then it was up the step ladder and trim the overhanging evergreen branches from the neighbours overgrown hedge. The new gate was hung and everything tidied and ready for tomorrow, when Valerie will pain the fence (she's good at the big area stuff), and I'll paint the wrought iron gates (too fussy for Valerie). This will be our alternative to watching the Royal Wedding. Unless, of course, it rains, in which case, I shall make a start on the free anthology I want to publish.

The picture today was taken last weekend on our walk locally.
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