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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Writing: Another 1300 Words Today

A not-so-early rise today, following yesterday's physical exertions. But, after breakfast, managed another 1300 words of the epic fantasy; all moving the story along well, with the main party on the move again and leaving the strange city for a destination feared by some, welcomed by others. Who will be pleased, who disappointed, who placed in danger? That's all to come.

Also updated my writing contest page today, so if you're a writer looking for contest details, go no further than the 'Writing Contests' tab and see if any of the many competitions there is of interest.

Decided to have our usual Sunday walk today instead, since the weather is beautiful; though the wind is quite cold. Went to a local spot called Huggate, situated on the highest part of the Wolds. Only ever passed through here before, even though it's only 8 miles up the road. Parked up and took a 4 mile walk through some lovely countryside.  On our return, I updated my album on Facebook with another 5 pics from today.

You'll have noticed I often accompany my posts with pictures that are in the public domain, when I'm not using my own or those submitted by interviewees. These public pics come courtesy of a widget called Zemanta, which analyses the text of the post and then suggests various articles and pics that might go with it. Can anyone explain what in this post would make Zemanta think that pictures of girls in wet t-shirts or microscopic bikinis could possibly be appropriate? Weird.
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