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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Writing: Another 1700 Today

Another early rise and straight to the keyboard to pepper the blank page with 1700 words; some action, some emotion, some mystery. The story moves along and gathers pace. Had to extract a character from a dicey situation and I think I managed to keep it all believable.
Our walk this morning took us along familiar tracks, as I was feeling less than full of energy after yesterday's efforts. Didn't stop me from completing the task this afternoon, however. The whole of the paving around the house, the patio and the stone set into the lawn are all free of the slippery stuff now and safe to walk on. It was a reasonable task to undertake under the bright sun.
This evening, I went out and used the hose to give the thirsty plants a much needed drink. Hasn't rained for more than two weeks. Of course, now I've watered the garden, it'll probably rain overnight.
Time now now for a rest and a glass of red, I think.

Today's picture, taken this morning, shows the blossom from the cherry trees floating on the surface of the pond down the road at Little Driffield. Pretty, isn't it?
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