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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Writing Progress: 2000 Words

Up relatively early and completed around 2000 words of Ch19; continuing to go well. Remembered I needed to insert a couple of sentences of explanation in Ch17. It's too easy to miss essential information for the reader when you're in creative mode because you live so close to the story as you're developing it.
Had a walk with Valerie after breakfast for exercise and fresh air. Nothing exciting, just a short loop to take in the edge of town and a small section of land set aside as a green space.
Spent time in the garden, trimming the laurels so the magnolia has room to bloom in style. Took some of the height off a fir and reduced the lilac, as it had grown into a very ugly shape and was in danger of obstructing an access path.
Had to rest after this, of course: the only way I can do anything physical is to rest afterwards. But it coincided with today's Grand National, so I saw that live for a change. Hadn't placed a bet, though.
And, now, I have completed the compilation of the love story anthology, sorted the formatting and prepared it for upload to both Smashwords and Kindle, designed a suitable cover picture using a stock photo from that great site,, and uploaded the whole to the two sites. Just have to wait for them both to come back with approval and I can let people know it's available to read.

Today's picture is from one of our regular Sunday walks.
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