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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Anagram

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Anagram: noun - transposition of the letters of one word or phrase to form another word or phrase; transposition, mutation.  This link will take you to a website dedicated to the art of the anagram. It’s full of fascinating facts, some of which I use here, in my own words, of course.

‘Anagrams’ forms an anagram of the Latin phrase ‘ars magna’, which translates into ‘great art’.
‘Itself’ is an anagram of stifle.
The former capital of Japan was Kyoto; the current capital is Tokyo. These names are anagrams of each other.
Java’s former capital was Kartasura but moved to its anagram of Surakarta.
Compass points; north = thorn, south = shout, east = seat, and west = stew.
Clabbers is a version of Scrabble where all words must be anagrams of real words.
When King John signed the Magna Carta (Anagram Act) in 1215 he appears to have conferred the right of the people to take the mickey out of royalty and politicians, by using anagrams.
An anigram is an animation demonstrating an anagram at work. Have a look at the foot of this page to see the daily anigram displayed from the website noted above. You can display your own anigrams on your own Web page by using this link See here.
A true anagram is an anugram.
Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
Here are a few anagrams for Stuart Aken:
Karate Nuts, Karate Stun, Rankest Tau, Rake Taunts, Aunt Streak, Skater Aunt, Ask Taunter, Nature Task, Tetanus Ark, Attunes Ark, Unseat Kart, Neat Krauts, Astute Nark, Astute Rank, Statue Rank, A Rake Stunt, A Streak Nut,
A Skater Nut, A Skate Runt, A Stark Tune, A Tart Nukes, Sneak At Rut, Teak Saturn, Takes a Turn, Take Saturn, Eat Ant Rusk, Tank At User, Ask An Utter, Ask At Tuner, Anus At Trek, Tsar At Nuke, Star At Nuke, Tart As Nuke

And some for Breaking Faith, my romantic thriller:
Habit Freaking, A Barking Thief, A Braking Thief, A Father Biking, A Fake Birthing, A Farthing Bike, Began Faith Irk.

The above anagrams were generated by the anagram generator on It really is worth a visit to this fun spot, if you’re at all interested in words.

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