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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Writing: 1300 Words Again; is This a Habit?

Driffield back gardenImage by stuartaken via FlickrThis morning, about to embark on the next section of Ch24, I realised somewhat belatedly (I'm not too bright, you know) that I'd killed off a character who, although not a 'point of view' character, nevertheless provided a necessary sounding board for just such another character. So, I had to develop a new person to speak with my pov character. That took a little time, but the profile was completed before breakfast.
Since then, I have been otherwise engaged. The garden gate needed its second coat of paint, I needed a rest, lunch was an option I was reluctant to deny, The front and back gardens both needed lengthy drinks to prevent desertification (and I lack a sprinkler, so have to stand holding the hose and sprinkle manually; such fun). As Valerie was finishing off the fence painting, including the garden shed, I thought it was time I made the bird table I've been intending to construct for months, so she could give it a coat of the paint when she'd finished (I'm so generous to my wife). So, another simple job completed and the visiting birds now have a safe zone where they can eat without too much danger of being eaten by the neighbours' cats. Nevertheless, I did manage another 1300 words, including some interaction between my new character and the pov character, much of it hopefully quite illuminating for the readers.
My daughter has been delivered to her second party in as many nights (she's 18 and all her friends are reaching that landmark age, so her life consists of either parties or studying for exams).
We suddenly discovered, after lunch, that we were short of bread. If we were to eat tomorrow, replenishment of the staff of life was needed. So, Valerie and I walked into town and bought a loaf. The day is saved; we shall eat!
But, I think that, once I've completed the photocopying Valerie needs doing, I shall relax with the current reading matter (Robert Jordan's The Gathering Storm) on my lap and a glass of red wine in my hand.
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