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Friday, 20 May 2011

Writing: 1400 Words, at last.

It's been a long time coming, but I finally managed to write another 1400 words, this evening. Most of my creative writing is done in the mornings, as this is my best time. But events conspired to prevent me writing this morning.
The Wolds village of Huggate
A late end to last night, following a belated celebration at the local Bell Hotel, where the food is very good. And, on our return home, we opted to watch Mama Mia, which those of you with no soul will call cheesy and those who have at least one romantic bone in your body will recognise as an excellent 'feel good' movie. It helps that the music is good and the scenery wonderful: I just love the Greek islands. But the late night made for a late rising this morning and then we needed to shop in town.
After lunch, I decided I had better do my income tax return. It was the first time I'd tried doing this online and it proved a slightly more involved process than the old paper method, but eventually I managed it. Then I had to tackle Norton, who have somehow managed to resurrect an old account I thought I'd closed 2 years ago. Working through their convoluted email contact system took far more time that it should.
After tea, Valerie needed taking to her bowls match; one of her team mates will return her later.
So, it wasn't until late that I started writing. Still, the 1400 words are moving the story on and I'm pleased with what I've managed.
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