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Friday, 6 May 2011

Writing: 1500 Words Today

An early start and going well when the keyboard, a wireless affair, decided it needed new batteries. Power restored and the words flow again. Then the keyboard packs up again. It's been playing silly devils for a while now and it's clearly suffering some sort of short. I managed to get 1500 words done, so Ch25 is complete and Ch 26 is begun. But the power problem became too much to permit me to continue to create.
After breakfast, a quick trip into town and a new keyboard bought; working fine. Just can't be doing with technology that doesn't work, can you?
I've managed to prepare and schedule my Daily Word Spot for the next 2 weeks, prepare and schedule an author interview and answer a few outstanding emails, so not a bad day.
Moved a few plants in preparation for a major project in the garden.
Now I shall go and read, whilst Kate is out filming some of her school mates for their media studies project and Valerie is out on the coast, bowling in what started as a bright warm evening. Hope it stays fine until they finish.
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