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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Writing: 1900 words today.

Managed to finish Ch26 and start Ch27 this morning; a total of around 1900 words and a good deal happening. Had one of those wonderful moments, in the middle of the night, when a solution to a problem in the structure presented itself. Had to come into the study and write it down in one of my notebooks. The one I keep in the bedroom wouldn't do, as I've lost the self-illuminating pen and didn't want to wake Valerie by putting on the light. The story continues to move forward, with one of the female leads in danger and one of the male leads planning moving his homeland rebellion on a stage further.
My writing group enjoyed my short story last night, so I'll make the small changes suggested and see if I can't get that published somewhere.
Plenty of activity on LinkedIn groups, and Facebook. And a good number of emails responded to. A few more subjects for the daily word spot raised and another author interview prepared for next week. And actually managed to do some reading; still reading Robert Jordan's 'The Gathering Storm' a real blockbuster of a book.
But, enough for today. Time for some R & R I think.

The picture is of the North Yorkshire Dales.
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