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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Writing: No Words Today. What, None?

Not strictly speaking accurate, as I've made quite a few comments on various groups I belong to. But no serious writing done. A break after yesterday's marathon. Tomorrow, I must start to prepare the blog posts for the time I'll be away from the computer, so that my readers and visitors have something new to read.
Today, I went to a book launch for a writer friend of mine. Penny Grubb was signing copies of her third crime thriller; The Jawbone Gang, and gathered a good deal of interest in the Beverley branch of WH Smiths, about 12 miles from where I live.
The photograph shows some of those who were also at the event, including other local authors, giving their support for Penny. Val Woods, Linda Acaster, and Madeleine MacDonald attended and Penny actually sold some copies of her book.
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