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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Writing: What? Only 600 Words?

Nothing written yesterday. But that was due to my working day at the office followed by my dance class with Valerie (the last for a few weeks, as the dance teacher is off to Morocco for a holiday). That was followed by a must-see TV documentary on assisted suicide. Terry Pratchet presented and the programme dealt with a difficult subject in a sensitive and mature way. By the time it, and the discussion that followed, had finished, it was too late to do any writing.
Today, I returned from the office late and, after my evening meal, didn't start in my study until just before 20.00. I had 53 emails to sort and respond to; comments to make on Facebook and various other forums. But, I managed to get down to the writing at last and determined to do at least 500 words. I completed 600 and that will do for now, as I'm pretty knackered. Still finding cliff hangers and passages of what I hope will prove thought provoking prose.
But, for the moment, I will bid you goodnight.

The picture is one I took on the coast in Crete, last time I was there.
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