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Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Daughter of the Forest, by Evelyn Raymond, Reviewed.

This book was not previously known to me but I suspect it may be an American classic from the last century. The writing style, combined with the eclectic and slightly overblown vocabulary, suggests a work of the late 19th or early 20th century to me.
Unprepared as I was for this mode of storytelling, in which the narrator slips readily from one point of view to another, making thinly-veiled authorial comments along the way, I almost stopped reading after the first couple of chapters. However, there was something intriguing about the innocence of both characters and storyline that persuaded me to persevere with it. I’m glad I did.
The story slowly comes to life, as the interaction of the diverse characters explains central aspects, whilst laying on further layers of mystery. The simple life of early America in the wilderness is vividly described and contrasts excellently with the later depiction of chaotic and exuberant New York.
That the ending was obvious detracts not at all from this lovely little story that leaves the reader feeling uplifted and happier with the human condition.
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