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Friday, 19 August 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Mace

Mace: noun - weapon comprising a heavy staff or club, either completely of metal or with a metal head, usually spiked; sceptre or staff of office carried before certain officials, in particular the one that lies on a table in the House of Commons when the Speaker is in attendance: a symbol of the authority of the House; stick with a flat square head, used for propelling the ball in bagatelle or, at one time, billiards; a cooking spice obtained from the dried covering of the nutmeg fruit seed; a brand of tear gas.

‘Long Tallfellah bore a weapon of such destructive power that few dared confront him on the field; his mace had crushed many skulls during his decades of battling against the Dark Porker.’

‘Once the military police had the protesters pressed into an area from which they could make no escape, they sprayed them liberally with Mace and beat them with batons as they then tried to flee the scene.’

Pic: On the road to Goredale Scar, North Yorkshire.
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