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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Notable, noticeable or noteworthy?

Notable, noticeable or noteworthy?
Notable: adjective - deserving of note, especially because of excellence, value, or importance; remarkable, striking, eminent.
Noticeable: adjective - able to be noticed or observed, perceptible; worthy or deserving notice.

Noteworthy: adjective - worthy of attention, observation, or notice; remarkable.

Another example of English words that are almost synonymous. The differences are subtle, and largely due to usage rather than definition.

Notable is generally used for people or events that are unusual.
Noteworthy is more usually employed to convey a sense of something commendable.
Noticeable, although it can mean the above, is normally applicable to something that is able to be noticed; something that may be quite ordinary but which is brought to prominence by location or context, perhaps.

‘Shakespeare was a notable playwright.’

‘The bravery of the pilots during the Battle of Britain was noteworthy.’

‘It was noticeable that Brian had one brown eye and another of deepest green.’

Pic: Speckled sunlight.
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