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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Wade

Wade: verb - move onward; of a weapon - go through something; walk in water, liquid or other soft substance that impedes movement; pass over a river or stream on foot; tackle a laborious or tedious task, a long or uninteresting book; go on with difficulty or by force; run over in one's mind; of the sun or moon - appear to move through clouds or mist.
Noun - something that can be waded through, a ford; wading.

'Having spent four exhausting days travelling through the desert on foot, the party reached the wide river and had to wade across it to reach civilisation on the far bank.'

'Jonathan had promised to read the book to the end, in spite of the poor English and questionable plot, so he was forced to wade through the bad writing until he reached the final full stop.'

Pic: North of Dalton, East Riding of Yorkshire.
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