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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Ice

Ice: noun - frozen water, which is a brittle translucent crystalline solid; a body of such frozen water; the sheet or layer of ice on a pond, river, etc; figuratively – a lack of warm feeling, cold-heartedness, deep reserve; an ice cream; the icing on a cake; diamonds and other jewellery (slang); the profit made from illegal sales of theatre or cinema tickets (US slang); protection money (slang).

'Donald took his vanilla ice onto the frozen puddle, which was now solid and allowed him to skate on the surface of ice.'

'When Gordon made his suggestion to her, Deidre replied with a glance that exposed the ice in her heart and he knew he'd spend the night in the guest room again.'

'Marylyn counted the crystals of ice that poured from the soft leather bag, handed her by her aged but hideously rich admirer, before she calculated how she'd reward him.'

Pic: Bridlington Bay.
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