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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Stanza

Stanza: noun - a group of lines of verse used as a basic metrical unit of a song or poem consisting of a series of such groups; a verse; in some Greek and Latin metres - a group of four lines; in Italy - an apartment, chamber or room, especially one in the Vatican; a half or other session of a game or sporting contest.

Here's an example, but beware: I don't consider myself a poet.


Suburban every Sunday man
polishing his white work’s van
when the stranger gives a smile
he would rather run a mile
than take the risk to say hello
to a man he does not know

Suburban weekday workday man
starting up his white work’s van
slams the door on wife forlorn
cranks the engine parps the horn
doesn’t give a damn he’s said
for the neighbours still in bed

Saturday suburban man
in the street his white work’s van
puts his feet up for the telly
fills his glass and fills his belly
lets the wife go shop up town
if she’ll shed her weeknight gown

Suburban every someday man
now he’s lost his white work’s van
lost the wheels and lost the job
lost his pride become a slob
all the days from now the same
bear the stigma feel the shame.

Pic: Approaching Goodmanham in East Yorkshire.

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