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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Xeric

A Singer 1851 sewing machineImage via Wikipedia
Xeric: adjective – in ecology - characterized by dry conditions.

Sometimes a word appeals for reasons that have nothing to do with its meaning. Xeric was one of those words for me. I find the sound almost onomatopoeic, how about you?

'Deserts, as opposed to desserts, tend to be xeric in nature. A xeric dessert would probably be less than appetising, but a xeric desert is, well, it's actually a redundancy, a bit like referring to a wet lake.'

27 October 1811 The inventor, Isaac Singer, was born. He later founded the Singer Sewing Machine Company, much to the delight and despair of many women, some released from manual toil and others reduced to the sweatshops of clothing entrepreneurs

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