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Sunday, 6 November 2011

#NaNoWriMo - day 6 progress = 29099 total

NaNoWriMo challenge continues to go well. I've had two sessions today, totalling 5698 words and taking the running total to 29,099, which is well over my target of 28,000 in each 7 day period. Tomorrow I'll be in the office all day and then dancing (ballroom and latin) with my wife in the evening, so I'll get little done then. Tuesdays are my long day in the office, but I should manage an hour before I start work and maybe another on my return home.
I've added a graphic of the word count, over to the right there, which gives the percentage for those interested in such things. For me, it's a visual prompt and motivator.
Well, that's me done for the day, I think. Time to spend a bit more quality time with Valerie, as so far we've only been to the supermarket together and taken a short walk through the local countryside.
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