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Saturday, 12 November 2011

#NaNoWriMo Progress, Day 12 = 52959 words total

NaNoWriMo sets a challenge of 50,000 words, so I've hit that target today, with an extra 4,937 words taking me to a grand total of 52,959. As my personal target is 120,000, I'm about 44% into that.
But it's not all about word counting, of course. My characters are taking me on a fun and exciting journey, with many events and hitches along the way. The humour continues, as does the thrill element. I just hope both elements will gel well once I've finished the editing, which will start a few weeks after I've finished the first draft. I prefer to leave the new creation for a few weeks to mature, so I can return to it with a more or less fresh mind and therefore see the faults more easily.
I'm enjoying this challenge and the book still feels good to me. I'm growing rather too fond of a couple of the characters, so the direction may well change before I get to the end. I love having a vague idea of the ending but allowing the characters to do their own things and direct the story where they want it to go. Sometimes they fight, of course, but, as in life, the strongest usually wins; but not always: Sometimes it's the cleverest one who gets their own way. And sometimes the feminine wiles can influence me as well. But, as long as I keep my theme in mind all the time, I won't let them take me too far off track.

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