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Thursday, 24 November 2011

#NaNoWriMo Progress day 24 = 100,074 Words

So, how goes the NaNoWriMo challenge today for those who are taking it?
Well, for me, I've now exceeded the set challenge by a factor of 2, but that's only because I set myself a target of 120,000. At 100,074 words, I'm 83% of the way. Just over 5,000 words today, in 2 sessions. Had to have a brief halt in the second session because the story took the hero down to London and I had to check an A to Z and an Underground map to make sure I was sending him in a logical direction. Most of the action, so far, has taken place in my native East Yorkshire, au unspecified location somewhere in the northern half of England, and a south western seaside town that I based on Weymouth, but never actually named. Motorway travel features rather more than I would care to use it in person, but it fits in with the story.
More new characters coming up, and I'll need to do a couple of character studies tomorrow, quite early in the day, to keep track of the action involving them.
Wordle has, again, provided a useful graphic to show which words are used most frequently. And I've decided to do a Wordle image for each of the chapters. Currently I'm on chap 29, but I've used the last complete chapter, 28, to illustrate this post.
A welcome interruption to the day when I popped down to the local railway station to pick up daughter, Kate, who is home from Uni for the weekend. Nice to see her after her absence. She seems happy and is getting on well with her studies.
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