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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

#NaNoWriMo progress, Day 9 = 38814 total words

The NaNoWriMo challenge continues apace. My half day at the office today, and Valerie is unwell with a nasty virus infection, so I'm doing more about the house, so she can recover as quickly as possible.
3,700 words today, in two session, taking the total to 38,814. This means I'm averaging 4,312 words per day, which is slightly higher than my target of 4,000 to reach my estimate of 120,000 for the first draft of the novel. Although this is a comedy thriller, today's session included some pretty nasty happenings for our hero and left him with more mountains to climb to reach his destination. But he's a game bloke, and I've no doubt he'll find ways to get over the many obstacles in his way, unless, of course, it seems more in keeping with events, to have him fail. We'll just have to wait until I finish the book to see what happens.

Pic: I'm a bit fed up of the same old pics for these NaNoWriMo posts, so I thought I'd stick in a few landscapes; This one is from the coast path to Durdle Door in Dorset, taken on our recent holiday.
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