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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

#NaNoWriMo progress on day 8 = 35114 in total

My long day at work, so I found time to do a few words before I set out for the office this morning and then more tonight after work. The NaNoWriMo total for today was 3316, bringing the current novel length to 35114 words.
Had a slight detour on the way to the office as I'd won a small prize during the works 'Green Day'. 20 words of humour had won me a prize of a box of organic veg and fruit, so I had to go and collect it from Head Office, which is a little distance from my own place of work. The box, containing a real variety of of goodies, was larger than I'd expected and spent the day in the car boot until I was able to bring it home this evening. Don't think we'll be buying much in the way of fruit and veg for a while.
And now I think I've deserved a short break and some quality time with my supportive and wonderful wife.
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