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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot: Abandon/retain

I thought I might try a few antonyms for a bit of variety, as synonyms are well catered for in the many thesauruses available, but antonyms are often difficult to track down.


Abandon: verb - Give up control to, surrender to; cease to hold, use, or practise; give up, renounce; desert, leave behind; banish or expel

'In the sweltering heat, Anna felt compelled to abandon her clothes.'

'Seeing her as if for the first time, Ronald felt he could do nothing better than abandon Polly and leave her to the vagaries of the job market.'

Retain: verb - keep attached to yourself or engaged in your service; keep hold or possession of; continue to have, keep, or possess; continue to use, practise, or recognize; allow to remain or prevail; preserve.

'Despite the overbearing heat, Anna felt it was sensible to retain her clothes, as public nudity might expose her to more than mere ridicule.'

'Really seeing Polly for the first time, Ronald felt compelled to retain her as his personal assistant.'

Pic: Venetian Fort in Crete. 

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