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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Stuart's Daily Word Spot (Antonyms): Nab/Release

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Nab: verb - catch and take someone into custody; apprehend, arrest; snatch or seize something; steal.

Release: verb - liberate; free from physical restraint or imprisonment; let go of.

'Noreen left her place in the check-out queue to step outside and nab the man she'd watched steal a can of Coke from the supermarket shelves.'

'Keep an eye out for the barman, whilst I nab some beer from the pump.'

'When the allies marched into the town, they were able to release the prisoners of war who'd been held in camps for so long.'

'I want you to release that cash into my custody, where I'll make damned good use of it.'

1621 - the English parliament unanimously accepted Protestation, and the roots for conflict were formally planted. In parts of the UK that conflict remains and provides certain ill-informed fools with a motive for indiscriminate killing.

1960 - A General Meeting of the UN condemned apartheid. In backward parts of the world, such prejudice remains, allowing the ignorant and afraid to blame all misfortune on those who fail to appear to be like them.

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